CS + Bryant – Engagement – Santa Monica, CaliforniaPacific Coast Highway

When you think Los Angeles or Santa Monica, it’s always warm and sunny.
What we got was cold and overcast.
This was a very atypical day.

–  Rather, I completely miscalculated –

I got accustomed to East Coast sunrises that I assumed the same would be true for the West Coast.


6 years of living in Southern California; it has taught me nothing.
This only highlights how much of a non – morning person I am.

Thankfully, we made the most of what we had – some good moody lighting with some grit.
And what better than to have a beach to ourselves?
* trying my best to justify my decisions *

It was only after an hour or so while we were enjoying some breakfast when some light peak through the clouds…
… just my luck.


CS + Bryant – thanks for accommodating my crazy schedule!
Can’t wait to see you two soon!

Bryant — you’re the freakin’ man — thanks for the encouragement!
— it was soon after this that you saw actual proof. *high five*
Congratulations 🙂

After our Malaysia trip, I could really understand the type of person you are.
I could see how much you cherish your family and friends.
How much you want the people around you to be happy.
And how far your genuine and caring nature extend.

CS — you made miss SUA; I actually cried on my plane ride back home after this trip…
I’ve become way too emotional recently.. lol
It was great to be able to spend at least a little time with you.
I can’t believe how far we have (we all have) come.

After I got back home, I looked back at all our photos from those days and it’s hard to believe we “survived”.
Rather you had to put up with my music blasting from my room at 1am during Sophomore year. LOL.
I’m incredibly happy about your accomplishments.
Thanks for being a huge inspiration to keep working hard 🙂

— I am so incredibly happy for you two —

PS: Malaysia… OMG… Malaysia..
Let’s seriously go back!!

Santa Monica - Los Angeles - Engagement