Teresa + Richard – Wedding – Oahu, HawaiiKualoa Ranch

Dear Richard and Teresa,

Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.

Your wedding was refreshing, joyful, and it brought me back to my own roots of my photography career.

Thank you so much for inviting me to your family gathering and hiking trip – it means the world to me and I was able to see for myself who you two are.
They say you surround yourself with people who have common values and I observed that.
Many of your friends treated me as if I knew them for years; some having a mystic connection – further proving that this world is smaller than we think.

I gained a lot of personal knowledge of the history of my own bloodline, as well as, the globalized world – and how to make the world a better place.
It had nothing to do with photography, but hearing about the Taiwan + Japan relations pre and post-WW2 was probably the most interesting conversation I had at any wedding celebration.
It was not something I expected to hear, but truly enlightening.

I digress..

As if I wasn’t already excited to go to Hawaii, I was truly excited to do my best for you two.
I still can’t believe my crazy change in schedule that allowed me to photograph your wedding.
I’m also still in shock that you wanted to go with me amid those circumstances.

Thank you for making time to do your newlywed photos, saying YOLO as it down-poured during your ceremony, and running with every idea.

– Justin.

PS: I laughed about “our first date was at Chipotle (pre-E.coli).” on your about us on your website.

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Big thanks to:

YY’s Macarons & Desserts

I ate like.. 5 of them.. I’m not ashamed lol

Trevor Sakanashi
Seeking Films

Hands down.. I give my life to you.
When I was looking through the images you got, I think you captured everything perfectly.
Thank you for being a lifesaver, team player, and a risk taker.

Toshi Nakasone
Spectrum Hawaii

Damn good music – some bangers in fact.
You even got me dancing 😛