Engagement Info + Pricing


I always encourage couples to do an engagement session.
This session provides you all the opportunity to tell a little bit about your story – where you met, the places you enjoy together, or showcasing something very important to the two of you.
I am very open to creative ideas and I am much more comfortable with you sharing an idea than forcing you to do something.

For me, these sessions are laid back and also give me an opportunity to see how you two work.
If I am booked as your wedding photographer, these sessions will also help break the ice and provide good practice for your wedding day.

The photos you receive, can be used for however you desire.
Most couples have decided to use the photos from the engagement session as their ‘save the date’.
I’ve had a couple create a ‘save the date’ that mimics a Hollywood RomCom type movie poster – I was impressed!

As noted, these sessions don’t have a start time or end time, but most sessions last for about 1 to 1 ½ hours with 2 different locations and an attire change in between.


The price is a flat rate and includes tax.

Engagement photo sessions are $550

This service includes:

My Photography Service
Printing Rights
Password-Protected Online Gallery w/download link for full size JPEGs

Engagement photoshoots are not time based.
On average, most sessions are an hour to an hour and half.
The best time to photograph for my type of photography is during sunrise or sunset.

Updated – April 2018:
After some feedback from prior couples, in order to become more eco-friendly, I do not provide USBs anymore.
All photos can be downloaded from the online gallery and the gallery never expires.

How does the “a la carte” system work?

Essentially, all products are side items.
You decide on things such as prints and albums – you are not obligated to go through me.

Print orders can be done online through the online gallery.
On the other hand, the album creation process will be done with me.
This allows for personalization, as well as, a simpler album creation process.
The album won’t be made until your final approval.

Please feel free to e-mail me for a full-pricing sheet for these a la carte items.
If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me!