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What is your philosophy on weddings?

I’ve photographed weddings which have 400 people and, on the flip side, I’ve photographed weddings where its only the couple.

On paper, sure, it all starts to look the same.
What makes a wedding truly unique are the people who are coming together to celebrate you.

What makes you two unique?
What is your story?
What are the things you two have enjoyed in your relationship?

It’s easy to get carried away with all the glitz and glamour of a wedding.
The planning can be stressful; the details, and all the coordination.

For me, I want the whole process to be easy.
I’ve seen far too many times couples becoming stressed out from it all and forget to laugh, smile, and have a great time.
I’m here to get to know you and make sure to cater to your needs.
For this, transparency and communication are vital.

My only rule and request is that you two enjoy your wedding day!

In terms of photography, I mix your day with a little bit of posing, but mostly candid work.
If you see a good photo opportunity, want to have a photo taken with a certain guest, or decide to trash the dress for some fun photos, I’m there!
I just want to do my best for you all and take beautiful photos.

I feel that there is no greater purpose than to dedicate my work, life, and everything I do for others~!

PS: If I need to be your human punching bag from all the stress, that can happen too 😛

How do you make people feel comfortable in front of the camera?

Lots of dad jokes.

But in all seriousness – it takes time!
It definitely isn’t easy and even I have a lot of trouble in front of the camera.
The first 5 minutes could be a challenge but from there, it becomes natural!

From my perspective, it’s all about getting to know each other.
The sooner I am able to break the ice and get to know you two (and you two get to know me), the easier it will be to capture beautiful photos!

I really think my best photos are the ones that have personality and meaning behind them.
I believe this can only be achieved with a certain level of comfort.

During this whole process I’ll probably share a lot of personal stories:
My family, my trips, my thoughts on the wedding business, and anything relevant.

Feel free to ask me anything!

Always feel free to contact me or find out more about me.

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