Jasmine + Caroline – Elopement – Washington DCRock Creek Park

Let’s be real.
Fall is the best season of all seasons.
November is always going to be tricky, it could be very cold, windy, or a mix of everything.
If you get lucky – the foliage in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia are fantastic.

Well… luck was on our side.
A lot of it.

So here is the fun story, because there is always a fun story:

The couple contacted me about a week prior to their elopement date.
I was still in Malaysia – Caroline was in South Africa.

I was available – but there was a little bit of a risk:
1) I had a flight from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Tokyo, Japan.
2) I had a 12 hour layover in Tokyo, Japan — I had to get from Haneda airport to Narita Airport -_-
3) My flight from Tokyo was at 10:30am (Japan time) and would be coming back to Dulles – IAD at 9:15am (EST)
I would technically be traveling back into time (woo Back to the Future~!) – and make it in time for their small wedding ceremony.
4) My car was parked at Dulles Airport and I would be able to run back home, take a quick shower, and drive down to DC.

Without any hiccups, this was the perfect situation.

Caroline response to my e-mail:
“This definitely poses a risk — layovers are always unpredictable…
however, I think it’s a risk we’d be willing to take.
We’d like to move forward!”

Here is the fun part:
A day prior to my flight, while I was in Malaysia, there was a Earthquake in Japan with some potential warnings of tsunamis.
After some headaches and constantly watching the news, none of my flights were delayed.
I don’t know what you call this, but I felt like it had a lot of meaning behind it.

Let’s be real.

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