Alberta, Canada

If you’ve never been to the Canadian Rockies… please, put it on your list of places to go. You will not regret it.

This trip was in September and the weather was absolutely perfect.

A few details about this trip and the locations of the images:

Emerald Lake : Went at sunset. Peaceful, quiet, and a good get away from the touristy areas of Banff.
Moraine Lake : Viewed at sunrise. Completely worth waking up and enduring the cold.
Athabasca Glacier : Climb it. The tour guide was great and informative and shared his own unbiased viewpoints about the receding glacier.
Athabasca Falls : There was a really nice trail alongside it and it went pretty far. Turned back around because someone alerted us of a bear down the trail.
Pyramid Lake : As a wedding photographer, I found this location to be the best – secluded and not a well known tourist attraction.
Maligne Lake / Spirit Island : Just do it. It’s iconic. 1/4 million dollar bathroom (it’s just a regular bathroom).
Peyto Lake : Didn’t stay for too long and was really crowded. Luckily, I got a photo without any photobombers.
Lake Agnes Tea House : An hour or so hike from Lake Louise – reached it around sunset.
Lake Louise : Iconic and provides a nice reflection. I’m not a huge fan of the hotel that is adjacent to it – it feels too much like an amusement park.

Hope you can go!
Let me know if you have any recommendations of where to travel next!

1 2 3 Canadian Rockies Justin Kunimoto Photography 4 Emerald Lake 5 Emerald Lake 6 Moraine Lake Alberta Canada Banff National Park Justin Kunimoto Photography 7 Canadian Rockies 8 Athabasca Glacier Banff National Park 10 Athabasca Falls Alberta Canada 11 Athabasca Falls Alberta Canada 12 Athabasca Falls Alberta Canada 13 Athabasca Falls Alberta Canada 14 Athabasca Falls Alberta Canada 15 Pyramid Lake Resort Alberta Canada Jasper Justin Kunimoto Photography 16 17 Maligne Lake Jasper National Park Spirit Island 19 Maligne Lake Jasper National Park Spirit Island Justin Kunimoto Photography 20 Peyto Lake Banff National Park Justin Kunimoto Photography 21 Lake Agnes Tea House Lake Louise Banff National Park Justin Kunimoto Photography 22 Lake Agenes Tea House View Sunset

If you plan on having your engagement photos taken here, please let me know~!

Here is an amazing couples engagement photos at Moraine Lake and Lake Louise