Road TripBoston, MassachusettsNew England

Oh man… the things that can be done in a quick trip post-Thanksgiving…
To our surprise, Boston was much smaller than we expected so we were able to check out all the major sites in a short visit.

The only thing I would nitpick about was the 6 1/2 hour drive from Baltimore. If we had driven during September or October, it would have been much more scenic, but this was late November so we were past that primetime of fall foliage. For those who might be road tripping, just be careful of the tolls – driving from Baltimore cost me $48 on tolls alone, one-way.

A few details about this trip and the locations of the images:

Prudential Tower Skywalk Observatory: I’d say go during sunset. You will be able to see everything and it will help guide you around the city. If you check out the image with the ex-Hancock Tower / 200 Clarendon, you’ll see a mural by French street artist, JR.

Park at – 75 Somerset St, Boston, MA 02108: I think the address is “100”, but this should do. If you plan to park anywhere in Boston during a Bruins or Celtics game, park here. It was $12 after 5pm. Everywhere else was $35 to $45 for event parking – really?!

Haymarket: Not photographed, but a neat little market – nothing obligatory though. We just got lucky that it was a Friday 🙂

Quincy Market / Faneuil Hall Marketplace: If you’re looking for a quick bite to eat or to get some shopping done, this is the place to go. Most of the shops are designer/brand names but the food is very affordable.

North End Park: Not photographed, but a super random park that had swinging benches — who doesn’t like swinging benches?! 😛

Neptune Oyster: We had high hopes to go here. Everyone recommended it. 3 hour wait though. Not happening. But something else everyone was right about: North End has some amazing Italian places. So you’re bound to find something good… you just might have to wait a bit…

Mike’s Pastry: Thanks for the recommendation, Han. This one was totally worth it. They’re famous for their cannolis, which are incredible, but we also got a Lobster Tail and we were very happy we did. Make sure you have someone to share it with – they are huge!

Harvard Yard: It was like we were in Good Will Hunting.

Somerville Theatre: Speaking of Good Will Hunting, it was raining so we decided to have a chill-out day and we found a quaint little movie theater downtown. In keeping in line with the Boston theme, we watched The Martian starring Matt Damon. Matt + Beer + The Museum Of Bad Art = best movie experience ever.

Whole Heart Provisions: Vegan. Check out their Yelp page if you need any recommendations. Everything was great – falafel dog ftw.

Oyster Club: I hadn’t had Clam Chowder during our entire New England trip, which is basically unforgivable so we decided to find a quick place so I could indulge – best chowder I’ve ever had! The city of Mystic is really pretty too. If you have time, take a look around. Apparently there is a pizza joint called Mystic Pizza that is quite famous!

Anyway, lot’s of details – hopefully the photos will have you booking a ticket there!

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