Charlotte + Ryan – Wedding – Carl Washburne Memorial State Park – Hobbit Beach, Oregon

It’s 2am.
I probably shouldn’t be writing this late – or be up in the first place.


This wedding has been one of the highlights of my 2019 and, to me, very personal.

So a little backstory:
I grew up with Ryan – almost neighbors – actually I biked / ran down to his home on this long and not very well lit street a lot.
I don’t think I ever told Ryan, but I hated that hill and going home at 1am after playing poker was probably the freakiest sh*t of my life.
#strangerthingsvibes #Idontwatchit

I owe a lot of my childhood to him.
Lots of stupid AIM chats about THAT girl that I couldn’t get over.
Lots of hours of playing video and computer games at their family’s place.
I will never play Everquest – but thanks for trying to get me to play lol
Why did we ever laugh about those Strong Bad videos too?
I’m pretty positive that most of my tests and quizzes answers were copies of his since he studied —- thanks for helping me get through elementary, middle, and high school.
Can’t believe we worked at Subway together – to this day, it was the best job making crap money lol.
These are all precious memories.

I’m so appreciative you kept in touch even though I vanished when I went off to college.
Thank you for keeping the friendship alive.

I’m extremely happy for you – your success, continuation in your career, drive, motivation, and the love you receive and have for others.
You deserve it all.

Here is another memory in the books: