Jolie + Julius – Wedding – Orange County, CaliforniaSoka University of America


I feel like we’ve been working together on so many projects, clubs, or whatever we were thrown into doing.
To this day, I’ve never found anyone who has been so accountable, dependable, responsible;
most of the time, keeping me in check and getting my stuff done.
It’s always been fun working with you and keeping everything down to earth and REAL.
You’ve seen me frustrated, never judging my opinions, and made up for my shortcomings.
Thank you for these — almost 10 years.


The better half of me – the much more compassionate and understanding side.
All those snacks during freshmen year,  letting me crash at your place(s), study abroad.
What the heck man…
I don’t know how you have the patience to work with my stubbornness and stupidity.
I’m learning how to be a better person.
LG2W, Brotherhoood of the Traveling Boxers, CTEC.
Glad we’re both pursuing our dreams after all of these years.
Thank you for these — almost 10 years.

See you two soon.
I’ll be your honorary 3rd wheel – forever.