FAQ – Destination Weddings

This page will only specifically answer FAQ based on Destination Weddings / Events.
Please view “FAQ – Weddings” for a full detailed FAQ.

Where are you willing to travel to?

Anywhere~! Domestic or International!

Right now I cover travel and accommodation for Australia – yay~!

What do you travel with?

I bring my usual set up of photography equipment.
It’s already as light as possible, so this allows me to travel easily.
I will be bringing my camera gear onto the plane as a carry on – not as a check in – just for added safety.
My lighting equipment is typically stowed into my check in.

I also have a drone, so the possibilities are endless (obviously must be okay with local rules and laws).
Let me know if you would like me to bring this.

Clothes will also be in my check-in bag.

All my equipment is insured so, knock on wood, if anything happens, no one is liable.

How far in advance do we have to contact you?

If possible, the sooner the better.
Since your wedding will book several days in my calendar or the entire weekend, I need to make sure to clear my schedule for it.

Just let me know you are interested and we can work from there.

Also, as a US citizen, I may need to apply for a visa – which may take time.
I had my passport renewed in 2017 🙂

Do you have a workflow specifically for destination weddings?

Not too different than typical weddings, but I try to scout the location a day or two prior to the big day.

After the wedding, I will be uploading my images immediately to a travel external hard drive and my laptop hard drive so nothing gets lost in transit.

Backups are a must!