FAQ – Engagements

I’ve had a plethora of questions come my way since I first started my business.
These are the most common about engagements.
If there is something not listed here, please feel free to contact me!


Many of my couples have told me, “I’m the worst at posing”, “I have no idea where to look”, “what do I do with my hands?”.
This is completely okay – I will definitely coach you two along the way so your photos will come out perfectly!

I’d say my style is half posed and half candid work – and in the end, the candid work typically come out better than those posed photos, so have fun, relax, and I’ll provide a variety of emotions to work with~!

What should I wear?

I feel and tend to see that the couple can be themselves – in casual, laid back attire.
For these sessions, I always say that any piece of clothing that makes you feel comfortable and confident is the way to go.

Here are a few of my recommended sites / inspirations:

Free People | Everlane | Ruche | Rent the Runway – they have an awesome rental program – check it out! | Gossamer | BHLDN

GANT | Zara | JCREW | ASOS | Topman

Choosing a location, when and what time?

I’ll be honest, I am probably the worst person to ask about locations.

My biggest suggestion is:
Go with the location that fits your character.
If you two aren’t comfortable to show affection in public, I’d suggest somewhere away from people – open fields, private locations, and somewhere a bit more intimate.

If you have a place that is special to you; a first date location, the proposal location, or anything significant, that works!

If you’re someone who loves seasons / seasonal ideas, let’s try to schedule something with the appropriate weather and mood.

High traffic areas are probably best during sunrise; while bystanders aren’t becoming distractions or try to photobomb.

As for me, I typically like to photograph during sunrise or sunset.
I photograph these sessions with natural light since I receive the best type of light and there is a nice glow from the sun.
Although I have studio lighting equipment, I found that having these around make couples feel much more intimidated and in the end, I am unable to capture real emotion.

How many photos do we receive?

Roughly, I’ve estimated about 90 – 120 photographs.
It’s been a bit more as of recent, but this is the safest number I can provide.

Can we see a full gallery?

Sure thing! Just let me know and I can send a few galleries depending on your type of engagement location and time of day.

What is your preferred method of payment?

I accept check, paypal, or debit / credit (via HoneyBook – a 3% service charge will be added).

How soon after the engagement photoshoot are the proofs ready for viewing?

1-2 weeks after the engagement photoshoot.
I’ve never had editing take more time than this.
I know how eager you are to see the photos, so I try my best to get them to you ASAP — I am equally as excited to show them.

Do you provide the digital files and/or negatives (or copies of the negatives) to the client?

Full Size digital JPEG files – compatible both on Mac’s and PC’s.

Will images be available for viewing online?

Yes, all images will be uploaded to a gallery and assigned a password for access by all guests.
Everyone who is provided a password is also able to directly order prints or other items.
Everyone is also allowed to download any of the Full Size images.

Albums are custom designed and made by me so this service is not available via the online gallery.

Please contact me if you would like an album made.

What kind of albums do you offer?

I use Red Tree Albums for my albums.
I really love their quality and ink.
Please feel free to ask me for my a la carte pricing sheet which include images, options, and prices.

When will we get the final album?

It takes about 3-4 weeks to make and ship after approval from you.

Do you do backups of our images?

I wish more people asked about this.
I take this very seriously as I’ve lost a lot of personal digital files when I was younger.
I suppose you learn something from past experiences… lol

Right now my backups are as follows:
(1) The Web Gallery (cloud) is my storage space for JPEGs.
(2) 2 Physical External Hard Drives with JPEGs and RAWs

What kind of equipment do you typically bring with you on the day of?

For engagements – Two Canon 5D Mark 3’s, a few prime lenses, a few zoom lenses.
I also currently use a Nikon D750 and Nikon D850 with prime lenses.

Deposit Fee / Reservation for Engagement photos?

Payment is made on the day of or after; no photos will be provided until payment is made.
No prior deposit required – just based on honor system 🙂

Weather / Rain Checks for Engagement photos?

Sure thing – life happens, weather is unpredictable, and we might run into some issues.
Rain checks and postponing are always possible.

On the flipside, if you would like to photograph in the rain, I am game~!