FAQ – Weddings

I’ve had a plethora of questions come my way since I first started my business.
These are the most common about weddings.
If there is something not listed here, please feel free to contact me!

How many photos do we receive?

Roughly, I’ve estimated that I deliver about 90 – 150 photos per hour.
It’s been a bit more as of recent, but this is the safest number I can provide.

How soon after the event are the proofs ready for viewing?

2-3 weeks after the event / wedding.
I’ve never had editing take more time than this.
I know how eager you are to see the photos, so I try my best to get them to you ASAP — I am equally as excited to show them.

Will images be available for viewing online?

Yes, all images will be uploaded to a gallery and assigned a password for access by all guests.
Everyone who is provided a password is also able to directly order prints or other items.
Everyone is also allowed to download any of the Full Size images.

Albums are custom designed and made by me so this service is not available via the online gallery.

Please contact me if you would like an album made.

Can we see a full gallery?

Sure thing! Just let me know and I can send a few galleries depending on your type of wedding and location.

Do you place any watermarks on your photos?

I don’t like them!
I tried them, but I personally think they ruin the photos!

I understand why other photographers might do it, but I honestly think if any of your guests or anyone viewing the photo really likes the photos, they will find out who took them.

Do you provide the digital files and/or negatives (or copies of the negatives) to the client?

Full Size digital JPEG files – compatible both on Mac’s and PC’s.

Copyrights + Personal Use – What are your policies on that?

Copyrights are there for legal purposes.
I do retain them as I want to be able to protect myself and you from any 3rd parties using the photos without my permission OR in the case that someone begins to sell the photos for any purpose – which I highly doubt you or any of your guests will do.

No one has broken any of those yet, so I am still happy to provide my service of providing my photos at highest quality and for personal use.

In terms of my own personal viewpoint, I want to share the photos – I have nothing holding me back from doing so – they are photos of you, your family, and your guests and you should be able to freely use them 🙂

I am here as your photographer and to provide a service!

Deposit Fee / Reservation for Weddings?

The deposit is half the total – this will book the whole day for you 🙂
The 2nd payment is made on the day of or after.

The deposit is non-refundable.

What is your preferred method of payment?

I accept check, paypal, or credit (via HoneyBook – a 3% service charge will be added).

Do you charge for travel?

Nope, I will take care of all travel fees if it’s local.
Please see ‘Destination Weddings’ if it’s outside the Maryland / Northern Virginia / Washington DC area.

What kind of albums do you offer?

I use Red Tree Albums for my albums.
I really love their quality and ink.
Please feel free to ask me for my a la carte pricing sheet which include images, options, and prices.

When will we get the final album?

It takes about 3-4 weeks to make and ship after approval from you.

Do you do backups of our images?

I wish more people asked about this.
I take this very seriously as I’ve lost a lot of personal digital files when I was younger.
I suppose you learn something from past experiences… lol

Right now my backups are as follows:
(1) The Web Gallery (cloud) is my storage space for JPEGs.
(2) 2 Physical External Hard Drives with JPEGs and RAWs

Do you do video?

Yes and no.
I only do it for personal projects and have not expanded to weddings just yet.

If you’re looking for someone to capture your wedding, my recommended vendor list is a great place to start~!

Do you do site visits?

Yup – please try to schedule a visit as early as possible – many of my weekends tend to get booked.
If you decide a weekday, I thank you in advance!!!

Do you have rain plans for our wedding?

When we meet or do the site visit, we can talk about this – it completely depends on your day.

If you would like to photograph in the rain, I am game~!

Do you guarantee your presence at the wedding / event?

Yes, I will be there. Not another photographer.

What kind of equipment do you typically bring with you on the day of?

For weddings – Two Canon 5D Mark 3’s, a few prime lenses, a few zoom lenses, and all my flashes / lighting equipment and accessories.
I also currently use a Nikon D750 and Nikon D850 with prime lenses.

How many photographers do you work with?

Typically, I photograph by myself.

If you would like another photographer to be there to capture more moments, let me know.
I can arrange for another photographer to be there for an extra cost.

If you have a 2nd photographer, what is their role and when would you recommend one?

More photos is your number one advantage.
The 2nd photographer adds around 300 photos to your wedding gallery.

The number of guests usually won’t be a factor, but helps me feel confident that things are being covered elsewhere.

For me, a 2nd photographer adds perspective and angles that I cannot physically be in:

1) If the Bride and Groom are getting ready in two completely separate locations – at minimum 10 minutes away from each other is a good indicator that a 2nd is preferred.

2) Bride walking down the aisle or the opposite side where I capture getting the reaction of the Groom.

3) Cocktail hour photos – for the most part, I will most likely be unavailable to do since this is when the formal photos and newlywed photos happen.
After this, I typically will be getting ready for the reception.

Do you have a replacement photographer in case you become unavailable on the day of the event?

Yes. In the off chance something happens to me due to illness, unavailability, or negligence, I will make sure you have your photos taken by another professional photographer or your money back in order to hire someone you would like.

Do you sometimes book yourself for more than one wedding / event in a day? Weekend?

More than one event in one day, no.
Weekend – typically no, but sometimes major holidays (3 days weekends) call for back to back weddings / events.

Do you take formal photos with family / friends / bridesmaids / groomsmen?

Yup! I typically don’t showcase them.
I tend to have clients who want these photos for posterity and aren’t as artistic.

I do have a full list of my ‘typical’ formal shot list – please ask me if you are curious!

Do you mind if guests take photos?

They are your friends and family!
Whatever you say is a go!

An unplugged wedding isn’t always necessary, but I do appreciate it when there isn’t a large iPad being thrown up during the ceremony 😛

What is your policy on taking breaks? If you require a meal break, do you require that the client provide your meal?

I do not take breaks during the session because I would miss out on something – most likely a candid moment I cannot recreate.
The only time I stop taking photos are while people are eating.
During this time, you will most likely find me photographing detail shots.

I do not require the client to provide me a meal: it is a very appreciated, but not necessary.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, I do have it and it is very important.
Just in case something happens to due to my negligence or a third party’s negligence, no one is liable.
My insurance company (State Farm) will cover the damages.

Many venues require a Certificate of Insurance (COI) as proof of insurance, so please check with me so I can get that covered 🙂