Kara + Brett – Elopement – Loudon County, VirginiaSomewhere magical in Virginia

Where to start…

I guess it was the initial e-mail that prompted a lot of
“what… you’re kidding… no way… YES! I would love to be your photographer!”

Kara essentially said my work was similar to one of her (and my) favorite photographers.
I was already like, “shadduuupppp~~!”

** I didn’t say that, I’m sure she would have completely been weirded out lol **

She mentioned that they would be doing essentially everything DIY
the flowers, the pergola, there would get their cute dog involved,
and then she sent me a photo of what they would be wearing.

*Mic drop*

All we just needed to do was cross our fingers for good weather.



| Kara and Brett |

First, thank you for taking that selfie after our session.
I know it may not mean much, but I think that was the sweetest gesture.
It never felt like work – as if we were friends from way long ago just reconnecting.

Also, it was so great to hear your story about you two doing long distance and just deciding that you’d just make it work and move together.

Thanks for the encouragement, the bomb meal, the advice about home buying / renovation, and sharing your lives with me.

Congratulations again and.. happy almost 6 months 🙂

PS: I visited SB and… I was extremely jealous that you used to live there.

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