Oʻahu, Hawaii – Part 2

Hawaii is something else.
While I don’t know if I could live there, it definitely has it’s perks when it comes to visiting.

The first time I visited was about.. 3 years prior.
Everything felt the same, but this trip was completely different.

I was invited by Richard (the groom) to go hiking with him and his buddies.
This was the stupidest best decision I’ve made.
I’ll be honest, I forgot how much it rains – rather abruptly rains – in Hawaii.
Mix this with some hiking and… we have an adventure ~

I was successful in eating it with hands / ass in mud – a solid 4 times.
8 more times were with a good “AHHH” kind of face.

Let’s just say, I will never see those clothes ever again.

As I was purchasing some flip flops at a local store, the cashier looked at me and my bare feet and said,
“You went hiking, huh.”

I took my kona coffee with a grin on my face,
“I’ll wear them now.”