Made this trip back in early 2018.
It was based on a dare.

My friend invited me over and she told me, “I won’t believe you will ever visit unless I see a flight confirmation”

As you can tell, I take challenges very seriously.
I found that I had some miles saved up so I decided, why not~!

What waited for me was a lot of amazing food.
Actually, we discovered the best gelato place ever.
The owner apparently moved straight from Italy to start his own business there.
I guess it’s not a place to ‘retire’ or call your new home.

If you do a quick google search for Palau, you will see the famous Rock Islands.
To my disappointment (based on stupidity + obliviousness), that is not where I stayed.
More info can be found here – it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site~!

Anywho, I thought I’d write more – but I think the photos will do it justice.
I was quickly looking back at these images and decided I should probably post them.

Also, enjoy my ‘vacation’ photos – nothing artistic to see – just me being my silly self.