Tierra + Drew – Wedding – Princeton, New Jersey + Garnerville, New York

‘And if one person desires another…
he would not desire them or love them passionately or as a friend unless he somehow belonged to his beloved
either in their soul or in some characteristic, habit, or aspect of their soul.’


I don’t recall the initial email that was sent but I just remember it saying something like,
“Hi my name is Tierra, we love your work – we are having our ceremony in New Jersey and our reception in New York. Are you available?”

I totally thought it was a scam.
For some reason or another, I didn’t question it.
And it was the best decision I have ever made.

10 months later I find out that one of the bridesmaids at another wedding is best friends with Tierra and it all clicked.


Drew, it was in that 10 minute car ride to the church I learned who you were. I frankly don’t recall all the finer details we talked about – but it was very telling of the type of person you are and I very much respect that. I’m sure our conversation on philosophy, photography, and life could go on for hours and hours but I’m glad we were able to connect in that short amount of time.

You have talent man and I hope you keep exploring photography.



You are a QUEEN.
So effin calm and cool, yet goofy as F.
You and Kenny probably fancy Japanese and Korean food more than I do too lolol


Thank you for your time and patience on the wedding day.
For having the artistic eye, vision, and understanding mood.
Seeing light.

Thank you.