I had this specific image in my mind and the only reason why I wanted to go was to visit Isle of Skye.
My expectations were completely shattered – it was beyond amazing.
We were fortunately to get great weather (aside from Day 1).

I really feel like it’s the next hot spot in terms of travel.
Maybe for late 2016 or 2017?

I guess I should share my two inspirations for the trip.
I would say these were exactly the tones, the overall vibe, and mooding I felt and wanted to express:

Johnny Walker –  Dear Brother
Florence and the Machine – Queen of Peace (NSFW around 6:15 in the music video)
^ Although I think some of this was shot in Oban as well.

Alright! Enough talking and reading, enjoy the photos!
Feel free to send me questions~!

Just a word of caution, the roads up in Isle of Skye are a bit more narrow.
At points roads are only one car accessible.
You’re driving on the left side (for us Americans).
Roads have pot holes.
When it rains – it rains… and you can hydroplane quite easily.

It seems like the locals are used to it and maybe my rental had bad tire treads or something.

Just be careful on your trip!

Day 1

Our destination for the day was Neist Point (for sunset). We drove from Edinburgh about 6 hours to get there with some stops along the way. We got super lucky — like extremely lucky, it was raining all day until the last hour and half prior to sunset. It’s a beautiful location, you could totally do a photoshoot there. Make sure to bring boots (if it’s raining) – my foot got completely submerged but I got lucky with my shoes lol.

We stayed at a B&B super convenient to the next days events.
Book through here – not as they take portions of the profit from their business transaction.

Day 2

I had my sights set on hiking the Quiraing. I wanted to do this at sunrise, but I was exhausted. Sleep was necessary and I couldn’t wake up. We ended up going around like 9am or 10am. It took us a few hours since every 2 minutes, you want to take more photos.

After the Quiraing hike, we went to Kilt Rock. It was like a 5 minute pit stop. Honestly, I was in Iceland a few days prior so waterfalls were a bit boring at that point lol.

I had Old Man of Storr on my list to hike, but we were pretty tired (not from Quiraing), but just traveling in general. I hear Old Man of Storr is majestic too. We decided to go directly to Portree to grab some lunch and make our way to Glen Coe for our B&B.

Book through the link above as will take portions of the profit from their business transaction.

You will probably catch Eilean Donan Castle along the way.
I saw a small wedding ceremony about to happen and I caught their processional 😀

The towns near that area are fairly small, so just keep that in mind (things aren’t open late). There are some quaint locations on the way there, so if you have time, the small towns might be a good pit stop.

Day 3

I had haggis. Check. 😀

There is a lot to see in that Glen Coe area — maybe too much — we did not do any hikes, but I’m sure there are a bunch of things you could do. This was my image of Scotland – where many other wedding photographers take photos. My friend and I decided to be fools and reenact a photo from Skyfall.

We went directly to the Glengoyne Distillery for some Whisky gifts and then made our way toward Glasgow. Glasgow is pretty and I wish I spent more time there. Our main purpose was the see the University there, which has some good history and amazing architecture (main building).

We went toward Edinburgh afterwards (about an hour or more from Glasgow).

Aesthetically, I think Edinburgh is prettier – there is a part of downtown that gives me old school Sherlock Holmes vibes. We went to try and catch sunset at Arthur’s Seat.

Also, in terms of things to do, I think Edinburgh also offers more (attractions, castles, etc.)

Hope this helps!
Enjoy your trip!
Good luck with getting good weather!