Andrea + Dan – Elopement – Washington DC

I’m not a romantic.
I am not a romantic.

I received the following excerpts from the couple – the initial e-mail – and I immediately fell in love.

“We met while working on a tiny island in the middle of the Indian Ocean and fell in love beneath the stars. We’re currently work on opposite coasts, and our work environments and operational schedules altered our intended wedding date.  But all is for the best as our situation sparked our creativity and lead to our current plan, which ultimately feels more suited for us.”

We started at the National Gallery of Art for some initial photos.
It felt right, so I suggested we go gets drinks before we head out to the tidal basin for the ceremony and find a place to share their vows.

As the sun began to set, we saw a rainbow start to form.
They shared with me [that on the island they met] they would frequently see the most beautiful rainbows, so I think it was fitting that we were able to see a rainbow while walking around DC that day.

I wish I could make this up.
My heart is full again.

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