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I’m all about ‘home sweet home’…

…but sometimes you need to explore what the world has to offer to be able to appreciate home.

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Oʻahu, Hawaii - Part 2
  • Oʻahu, Hawaii - Part 2

  • Olomana Three Peaks / Mermaid Cave / Crouching Lion
  • The first time I visited was about.. 3 years prior. Everything felt the same, but different.

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  • Malaysia

  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Food, Food, and More Food. The best in Southeast Asia

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  • Iceland

  • South to West Iceland
  • We went during the end of March. We were able to see the Northern Lights and some incredible views.

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  • Scotland

  • Isle of Skye / Glasgow / Edinburgh
  • I had this specific image in my mind and the only reason why I wanted to go was to visit Isle of Skye. My expectations were completely shattered – it was beyond amazing.

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  • Brasil

  • São Paulo / Rio de Janeiro / Armação dos Búzios
  • Brazil you have won my heart. The 10 days of drinking won’t be forgotten, you provided me the best fruit and meat of my life, and I met and made incredible friends and family.

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Southern California
  • Southern California

  • Laguna Beach / Joshua Tree / Algodones Dunes / Torrey Pines
  • 4 days. 3 nights. 1000 miles. We created some memorable inside jokes. I’ll be back home soon.

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Alberta, Canada
  • Alberta, Canada

  • Banff National Park / Jasper National Park
  • If you've never been to the Canadian Rockies... please, put this on your list of places to go. You will not regret it.

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Oʻahu, Hawaii
  • Oʻahu, Hawaii

  • Waikiki / Maunalua Bay / North Shore / Kailua
  • A quick day trip through this majestic island. I drove through the beautiful beaches, plantations, and shoreline of Oʻahu.

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Outer Banks, North Carolina
  • Outer Banks, North Carolina

  • Ocracoke / Hatteras Island / Bodie Island
  • I woke up bright and early to catch the sunrise over the Atlantic. There were some images that I had in mind that I knew could only be produced during that time.

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Cancún, Mexico
  • Cancún, Mexico

  • Cozumel / Zona Hotelera / Isla Mujeres
  • Much needed sunshine and daily dose of Vitamin D. We brought back the nice weather to the DMV area.

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Cherry Springs State Park, Pennsylvania
  • Cherry Springs State Park, Pennsylvania

  • Pine Creek Gorge / Leonard Harrison State Park / Tioga State Forest / Turkey Path Trail
  • I set out in hopes of catching the stars at the famous Cherry Springs State Park. Instead, the night was filled with clouds with a glimpse of the stars for about a five minutes.

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Boston, Massachusetts
  • Boston, Massachusetts

  • New England
  • Oh man… the things that can be done in a quick trip post-Thanksgiving… To our surprise, Boston was much smaller than expected; which helped out in our trip.

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