Paula + Katie – Wedding – Rounton Farm – Orange, Virginia

These two are everything~
Thank you for being you.
The most badass selves <3
I still love seeing your Facebook and Instagram and Kathy in Hats Posts 😛

I’ll try to keep this short, but here was how it went down:

I received an adorable e-mail from you two; instantly knew you would fit in with my style + personality.

To finish out with a quote from Star Wars, “Justin, you’re our only hope” that’s how it goes, right? 😉

We did a video call:
I noticed your gamer chairs + found out you two were into nerdy stuff like me (I think it was Link’s Shield from what I recall) / Game of Thrones (sorry, still haven’t watched it lolol) + Harry Potter fans + heard the mushy-gushy story.

Did an engagement session with your Cat + Dachshunds + Star Wars + horse mask idea – I could not stop laughing.

As we were riding into the sunset during the session, you two shared one piece of advice that I will forever remember:

“Love is all about timing.”

harry potter wedding
harry potter wedding
harry potter wedding
harry potter wedding