Emona + Randy – Wedding – Rockville, Maryland

I recall Emona contacting me with the sweetest e-mail.
We had a chance to Skype and she was even sweeter than I expected.
A lot of our discussion was about traveling, our bucketlists, and overall recommendations on places to go to.

I digress.

She told me a lot of the details of the wedding:
It was to be a Punjabi Sikh traditional ceremony + adding her own Albanian flare to the wedding.
At the end of the night, they would burn the groom’s handkerchief.
This symbolizes the end of his bachelorhood.
They would lights his handkerchief on fire and dances with it until it’s burned out.
Randy’s handkerchief used to belong to Emona’s dad in Albania when he was young.

I had been hooked.

Maryland Wedding Photographer

Special thank you to:
Adam Perry of Adam M Perry Photography for being a 2nd photographer 😀