Rachel + Lou – Wedding – Woodend Sanctuary, Chevy Chase, Maryland

Before I begin, a huge shout out to:
Venue: Woodend Sanctuary & Mansion
Hair and Make Up: Caitlyn Meyer
Florist: Elegance and Simplicity
Catering: Main Event Caterers
Wedding Cake / Pastry: Liberty Baking Co
DJ: Dan Goldman Events

How do you define altruism?

We met over some coffee.
We instantly kicked it off sharing stories of our upbringing, who we are, and how we are where we are.
Where our lives took us, our families, relationships, and how our work provided us the opportunity to be where we are.

“Everything happens for a reason, Justin”

The humility in their responses carried into our conversation.
Enthralled by it all, I decided to ask a little more about their wedding.

“The wedding ceremony will be relatively traditional, with a Buddhist influence. We plan to have a moment of silence at the beginning of the wedding ceremony. “

Some readings were shared during their wedding that struck a chord.
I wasn’t prepared to be this emotional.

This one passage exemplifies the beauty of the couple, their sense of hope for the future, and their desire to make the world a better place.

After the wedding, I asked for a copy of this passage:

Metta Sutta from the Sutta Nipata – Pali Cannon

Let no one deceive another. Let no one despise another.
Let no one out of resentment or anger wish harm to another.
Just as a mother would give her life to protect an only child, so cultivate that same boundless, open heart towards all of life.

Let your thoughts of unconditional love and kindheartedness permeate the cosmos, extending in all directions without obstruction, free from preconceptions or fear.

Whatever you happen to be doing, whether you are seated, standing, walking, or lying down, so long as you draw breath, find ways to cultivate this quality of loving-kindness, this tender quality of mind, which of all qualities is said to most accurately reflect the truth of who you are.

Let go of any idea that you are separate from the web of living beings.
Let your life be informed by the understanding that all things are interconnected.
Find ways to relinquish what you have used as substitutes for love, and accept in their place the gift, and infinite pleasure, of boundless love.

I have added Woodend Sanctuary & Mansion as one of my favorite and best wedding venues in Maryland to photograph last year as it provides all the space and parking necessary for all wedding party, bridal party, attendees and guest.

From the photographer perspective, it provides all the necessities (nature, lighting, dancing space, bridal suites, rooms to place your bags) to make your wedding day easier.

Reception site fee – $3900 – $8500
Rehearsal dinner site fee – $2800 – $3900
Couples are permitted to bring their own alcohol (no corkage fees)

Contact us for additional details and availability
Beatriz Engel – beatriz.engel@anshome.org
301-652-9188 ext. 38
Instagram: @woodendsanctuary

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